Updated: April 14, 2022

Tiny World - blockchain game review

NetWork: BSC
Release Date: Q1 2022
Status: Active
NFT: Yes
Free2Play: Yes
Genre: PvP, PvE
Platforms: Web
Priority: Income
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Tiny World is a universe that includes 2 games: Tiny Kingdom and Tiny Dungeons, and Tiny Farm, which includes a series of DeFi elements such as Yield Aggregator, Liquidity Mining, staking, NFT Farming and NFT market.

At the time of writing this article only Tiny Kingdom and Tiny Farm are active.



TINK (view the course)
Token is used as an in-game reward and for summoning NFT heroes.

How to start playing in Tiny World

To register in game users need to:

  • go to the official website;
  • click on «Launch APP»;
  • connect MetaMask wallet;
  • click on «Tiny Kingdoms Play».

Tiny Kingdoms provides 3 vs 3 turn based PvP battles and automatic PvE fights.

How to earn in Tiny Heroes

Tiny Kingdom

PVP Arena
Claim a place on the leaderboard at the end of the week to earn token rewards.

Community Boss Raid
Team up with other players every day and battle. Players will be given a rank based on damage output and will be rewarded with materials. Damage output will be totalled across the week to give leaderboard rankings to win token rewards.

Items Trading
All materials and equipment, which are given while playing, can be traded on the in game marketplace.

Item Recycle
Burn certain equipment in exchange for rewards.

Asset Lending
Loan NFTs to other players for a fee.

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