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BlockChain Gamer is a website that posts actual information about play2earn games. We make lists and ratings of the best games of that kind. Also, we rank first for the best Android, iOS, PC, NEAR, BSC, WAX, and Polygon-blockchain games.

You can find our website helpful if:

  • You are looking for the most profitable play2earn game.
  • You still do not know what play2earn game to choose.
  • You want to learn more about Play2Earn games and know how they work.
  • You want to get the latest information about the crypto world.

What Exactly Are Play2Earn Games?

Play2Earn games are a form of gaming that allows you not to play but also to earn money. All these games are based on blockchain. By meeting the game rules, you get a specific cryptocurrency that can be converted into any fiat currency.

In other words, play2earn games are a form of investment. By buying tokens (for instance, in STEPN, you have to buy NFT-token), you get an opportunity to earn money just by playing a simple game.

How to Start Playing Play2Earn Games: A Brief Guide

So, you decided to earn money just by playing games and are wondering how to start? This brief guide can help you answer the most common questions.

  • First, you need to have a registered and verified cryptocurrency wallet. Without it, it is impossible to buy tokens in games.
  • Then choose the game using our website. Don’t worry: we only post safe and reliable projects with so many reviews, and that gives you opportunities to earn.
  • Do the research and know the rules of the specific game. For instance, in STEPN, you have to walk or run to earn cryptocurrency.
  • Buy tokens in the game using your cryptocurrency wallet and start playing.
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