Updated: April 12, 2022

StarSharks - blockchain game review

NetWork: BSC
Release Date: December 2021
Status: Active
NFT: Yes
Free2Play: No
Genre: Card game, PvP, PvE
Platforms: Windows
Priority: Gameplay and income
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Website WhitePaper Marketplace

StarSharks is an ecosystem of blockchain games which will include 5 games:

  • StarSharks.Warriors;
  • Shark raising simulation;
  • StarSharks Land;
  • Shark Racing;
  • StarSharks Card.

Players will be able to use the same NFT characters to join all games.

At the time of writing only StarSharks.Warriors is active.



SSS (view the course)
Token is used as a reward.

SEA (view the course)
Governance token.

How to start playing in StarSharks

  • Go to the official website;
  • download the game;
  • connect MetaMask wattet;
  • buy 3 NFT Sharks on the marketplace;
  • start playing.


How to earn in StarSharks

  • Complete daily tasks and win in PvP and PvE battles to get SEA tokens.
  • Get to the top 500 players to receive SSS tokens.
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