Updated: March 30, 2022

League of Kingdoms - blockchain game review

Release Date: July 2020
Status: Active
NFT: Yes
Free2Play: Yes
Genre: PvE, PvP, MMO, Strategy
Platforms: iOS Android Web
Priority: Gameplay
Team: Open
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League of Kingdoms is a MMO Strategy game where players are owners of NFT-kingdoms. Those lands can be upgraded by locating buildings. Players are able to organise troops to battle in PvP and PvE modes.



LOKA (view the course)
Governance and utility token. It is used for:

  • NFT upgrading/ breeding/ developing fees;
  • treasury Land sale revenue;
  • treasury Land issuance;
  • in-app purchase revenue.

How to start playing in League of Kingdoms

  • Go to the website and select a device. You can download the app for iOS/ Android or play on the website.
    Press the button «GAME START».
  • Create an account via Google/Apple/Facebook, also users can try to use email or guest mode, but they are not always working properly.
  • Create a nickname.
  • Complete training.
  • Connect Torus/WalletConnect/MetaMask crypto wallet, this will open up the opportunity to use NFT.

In order to increase the level of a kingdom, players can do the below activities.

Players build various buildings inside of a kingdom. Constructing buildings requires time and resources. The higher levels, the more resource and time investments, but higher productivity. A kingdom’s overall level is tied to the level of your castle, which is located at the centre.

Research is a way to enhance new technologies on battle and production. Battle technologies include Cavalry speeds etc. Production technologies are various abilities to enhance productivity such as resource gathering speed.
Currently, there are three major avenues for obtaining and upgrading technologies.

  • Academy: invest resources and time to develop new technologies at the academy building located in a castle. There are three main categories: Battle, Production, and Advanced techs.
  • Alliance technology: develop a suite of additional technologies. These technologies benefit a kingdom insofar as the player remains a member of the alliance.
  • Mastery: a range of advanced technologies that player can learn by earning mastery points. Mastery points can be earned by levelling up a lord. Player gets exp points for a lord through hunting monsters.

There are three types of troops: Infantry, Archery, and Cavalry. And each of the types has 5 tiers. Gamers can strengthen a troop by investing in various research and technologies aforementioned.
Players can attack some MOBs like orcs, skeletons, or golems either decide to attack other kingdoms.

Other kingdoms may attack back if the user makes an assault on them.

How to earn in League of Kingdoms


Users who have not bought a LAND have opportunities to monetize their game time. One of the keys is the mintable resources. There are 4 types of staple resources: Food, Stone, Lumber, and Gold. They can be harvested from farms within a castle. They also can be obtained by hunting monsters.

League of Kingdoms has the fifth resource — Crystals. They can be mined only on the owned Lands. So, not all users will be able to get them.

When players accumulate a sufficient amount of these resources, they can mint them into NFTs to trade in the marketplaces like OpenSea or PlayDapp.

Users can mint on both Ethereum and Polygon.


A LAND gets 5% of all the resources that have been gathered on its properties across continents by the owner and others.
Owning a LAND will give its owner the right to receive 10% of game revenue.

Remember! The data presented in this article is not an investment recommendation. All decisions are made at your own risk! Do not forget to double-check the data!
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