Updated: March 24, 2022

World Of Cryptoids - game review

NetWork: BSC
Release Date: January 2022
Status: Active
NFT: Yes
Free2Play: Yes
Genre: Breeding, PvE, PvP
Platforms: Web
Priority: Gameplay and income
Famous Investors: Yes
Team: Open
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Editorial Review
It's worth playing for free, and then decide whether it's worth investing money.

World Of Cryptoids is a game based on NFT creatures called cryptoids. They can be bred with each other and used in battles with other players or in battles with NPCs. The mechanics of the game are very similar to Axie Infinity.
Now you can only participate in battles and breed creatures in the game, but the developers plan to introduce the purchase and use of NFT lands into the gameplay.

Operations on the marketplace are made with BNB cryptocurrency.



CAC and CGC are displayed in the game as mCAC and mCGC.

How to start playing in World Of Cryptoids

To register in the game, you will need an email, and in order to use the marketplace, you need to link the MetaMask crypto wallet.
After registration, players are given 77 units of in-game currency WOCD and 3 hammers, which can be used to break the first 3 eggs with cryptoids. This is how the player gets his initial team of creatures.

100 WOCD can be exchanged for 5 mCAC.

How to earn in World Of Cryptoids

Earnings in the game are based on two main directions: breeding cryptoids and winning battles. Players can also participate in events organized by the developers to win the CAC currency.

By logging into the game every day, you can receive free rewards in the form of hammers or WOCD.

Breeding of cryptoids

Each creature has a set of traits and skills of different rarity, they affect the price of the cryptoid. By crossing creatures, you can get a unique combination of traits and sell offspring more expensive than parents.
To limit the population of creatures, each can have no more than 7 children.


Players can receive rewards in the form of mCGC tokens for winning battles with players or by taking a place in the top.


For completing levels, the player can receive up to 360 mCGC tokens. 10 units of energy are available per day, they are restored the next day. They can also be obtained by completing tasks.

Remember! The data presented in this article is not an investment recommendation. All decisions are made at your own risk! Do not forget to double-check the data!
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