Updated: March 22, 2022

PiratesKing - blockchain game review

NetWork: BSC
Release Date: February 28, 2022
Status: Active
NFT: Yes
Free2Play: No
Genre: PvE
Platforms: Web
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PiratesKing is a simulation game, where players can collect NFT and fight with monsters to be rewarded. It provides users with various characters, enemies and upgraded items while playing.

In the world of PiratesKing, users can trade NFT: pirates, ships and Items.



PKT (view the course)
Token is used to buy Pirate’s Chest, upgrade Pirate’s Level to pass the level gap and exchange NFTs on the marketplace.

How to start playing in PiratesKing

  • Click on the connect wallet button to connect PiratesKing with your MetaMask wallet.
  • Approve for PiratesKing to use PKT tonens in your MetaMask.
  • Click on the «Buy» button to get your first Pirate’s Chest.
  • Go to Inventory, click on My Chest, open it and receive your pirate.
  • Go to Fighting Tab to start exploring islands and battling monsters to be rewarded.

There are 4 levels of the pirates’ rarity: Common, Rare, Super Rare, and Legend. The higher the level is, the greater the reward will be.

Each pirate will have 20 energy per day, each fight costs 5 energy, so basically 4 turns per pirate per day.

The energy will be filled at 00:00 UTC daily.


How to earn in PiratesKing

Players can use their pirates to fight with NPC monsters in Monster Hunt mode. There will be 4 Monsters in 4 islands with difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard and Challenge. The rewards and experience points when defeating the boss are different between levels.

  • Easy: 90% win rate.
  • Normal: 50% win rate.
  • Hard: 20% win rate.
  • Challenge: 10% win rate.
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