Updated: March 18, 2022

My Neighbor Alice - blockchain game review

NetWork: ETH
Release Date: January 2022
Status: Active
NFT: Yes
Free2Play: Yes
Genre: Sandbox
Platforms: Windows
Priority: Gameplay
Team: Partly open
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It is worth logging in after the release for a wide audience, as it will be possible to start the game without attachments.

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer game in the sandbox genre. The territory consists of islands. Users can buy pieces of land and upgrade them: use terraforming, lokate buildings, lakes, animals, plants, decorative items aans ect.

The game contains of 6 main islands:

  • Snowflake Island;
  • Medieval Plains;
  • Nature ́s Rest;
  • Lummestad (The Town);
  • Sandy Coast;
  • Submerged Islands.

Players make their own avatars which can be modified using cosmetics and clothes.

All property in My Neighbor Alice: is NFT. Islands, items for upgrading territory and avatars, and ect are sold on marketplace.



ALICE (view the course)
The main token which is used for purchasing lands and items.

How to start playing in My Neighbor Alice

Currently the game is active, but the enerance is not provided for everyone.
На данный момент игра запущена, но доступ для всех пользователей ещё не открыт.

In My neighbor Alice players can participate in events and competitions organized by the community of the game, as well as go fishing, insect catching, beekeeping, complete quests, tasks, etc.

How to earn in My Neighbor Alice

Method #1 Using the purchased land

  • You can grow crops on the site and sell fruits to other players.
  • Leasing of land.
  • By placing animals, you can improve resources, for example, turn cotton into wool or dye materials and subsequently sell them more expensively than in their original form. Animals have different rarity abilities to modify resources.

Method #2 Work and trade

If you do not have land, you can go to perform tasks from players with plots. The work is related to taking care of animals and plants.

There is also an opportunity to go on a trip to different islands and become a reseller of resources. Prices vary in different places, you can make money on the difference.

Method #3 Creating an NFT

Using resources, players can produce unique items with the help of a program named NFT creator.. Such things can be sold on the marketplace and will cost more than individual materials. For such production, it is necessary to own animals.

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