Updated: April 5, 2022

Genopets - blockchain game review

NetWork: SOL
Release Date: January 20, 2022
Status: Beta-test
NFT: Yes
Free2Play: Yes
Platforms: Android iOS
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Genopets is an MMORPG for mobile phones that uses the Solana blockchain. It is a combination of Play-to-Earn and Move-to-Earn. This genre is called Move-to-Play. The concept is that the user needs to perform physical activity in real life in order to have progress in the game. Players gain experience for the Genopet NFT pet, which can be improved, developed and customized, as well as used for battles with other users’ pets.



How to start playing in Genopets

To register in game is necessary:

  1. Go to official website.
  2. Enter an email in the window labeled «EMAIL».
  3. After auto-opening a new window with a registration form, create a password and click on the «CREATE ACCOUNT».
  4. After receiving a confirmation email. Click on the link in it.
  5. Confirm registration in the appeared window.
  6. Verify a Discord.
  7. Connect PHANTOM wallet.

Players receive a Genopet baby for free after registration. In order to turn a pet into an adult, the user needs to gain experience for physical activity or speed up this process with the help of Gene Crystals.


These are the NFTs used for Genopet development. They come in different types and shapes, the features that can be given to a pet depend on their characteristics. For example, change the appearance and attacks of Genopet.

Cristals are crafted in Habitat Lab with GENE and KI.


These are Genopet habitats that are also NFT. They can be bought or created with crystals, GEN and KI. Habitats give players the opportunity to create crystals and earn KI.

Depending on the type, Habitats have different effects on Genopet skills and the cost of creating crystals.


How to earn in Genopets

  1. When playing in free-to-play mode, user need to upgrade Genopet: 10000 XP = 1 level. After leveling up and increasing the level of the pet, it can be sold on the marketplace.
  2. Purchase a Habitat. It opens the paid version of the game. Player will have an access to obtaining KI tokens, improving Habitat, and mining crystals. Habitat can also be sold on the marketplace or rented out.
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