Updated: April 12, 2022

Ember Sword - blockchain game review

NetWork: ETH
Release Date: April 2022
Status: Pre-alpha
NFT: Yes
Free2Play: Yes
Platforms: Web
Priority: Gameplay and income
Team: Open
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Editorial Review

Ember Sword is an MMORPG taking place in a dystopian fantasy universe with a classless combat system. Players will be able to create a character, pick a home nation, and go to the world.



Token will be used for purchasing and selling NFTs, optional subscription and consumables.

How to start playing in Ember Sword

To register in game, users need to:

  • go to official website;
  • click on «Register»;
  • login via email;
  • confirm registration in the sent letter, there are only 2 minutes to do it;
  • wait until the start of the technical test.

Second phase technical test is planned on April 18-19.

There are two variants of gameplay:

  • defeat monsters, bosses, and other players;
  • explore the world as a peaceful forager of goods and rares.

There are four nations in the Ember Sword. Each nation has three types of territories.

How to earn in Ember Sword

Players can acquire valuable resources unique to their home region, and sell them by launching a caravan across the Outlaw Territories.

Outlaw zones are free-for-all PvP and PvE areas, where players collect the rarest resources, slay high level monsters, or fight other players.

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