Updated: April 10, 2022

CRYOWAR - blockchain game review

NetWork: SOL
Release Date: 2022
Status: Beta-test
NFT: Yes
Free2Play: Yes
Genre: RPG, PvE, PvP
Platforms: Windows iOS Android
Priority: Gameplay and income
Team: Open
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CRYOWAR is a real-time multiplayer RPG where players are in constant battle for resources and territories. Users will have the opportunity to protect realms and gain rewards in the process.



CWAR (view the course)
The main token is the game which is used as a reward and for purchasing NFTs etc.

How to start playing in CRYOWAR

At the time of writing this article users cannot play in the game.

Players will be improving characters’ skills to increase their chances of winning in battles. These skills are acquired through participation in different combats and challenges.
The game features eight characters.

The game will include different PvP and PvE battles and tournaments:

  • Last man standing (PvP);
  • Deathmatch (PvP);
  • Top score in 5 minutes (PvP);
  • Battle Arena (PvP);
  • 1v1 duels (PvP);
  • Co-op Epic boss fights (PvE);
  • Co-op Survival mode (PvE);
  • Online tournaments.

Battles last 3 minutes or less.

To participate in tournaments and duels, players need to buy a special ticket.


How to earn in CRYOWAR

  • Participate in tournaments, PvP and PvE battles.
  • Trade NFTs on the marketplace.
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